Wine Approach Course Level1 - Wine Box Included

Wine Approach Course Level1 - Wine Box Included

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Wine not Italy  aims to spread knowledge and awareness of what we eat and drink. Precisely for this reason, with the Online Wine Approach Course, we want beginners and amateurs not to give up the opportunity to learn the basics of wine and its tasting directly from home.

The Online Wine Approach Course is composed of 6 theoretical and practical lessons live on the Web with the teachers of Wine not Italy. Before the course starts, you will receive a box of Premium Wines directly to your home, chosen specifically by our Sommelier that you will use during the lessons. During the lesson you can ask the teacher questions as if you were in the classroom.

Course dates: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Timetable: From 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Certificate issued: 1st level taster Diploma

Number of people allowed: 25 Participants max

Teaching material: Box of wines, 

Speakers and Moderators: Nicla Azzariti 3rd Level AIS Sommelier, Elena Mariotti 3rd  Level AIS Sommelier and 3rd Level WSET

Course program

1- In the Vineyard: Natural Factors and Human Influences

  • Definition of wine
  • The vine: anatomy, lifecycle and propagation
  • Natural factors
  • Human influences
  • Types of viticulture

Focus on: Professional tasting technique

Tasting: Young white wine

2- Winemaking Process: White and Rose Wines

  • White wines vinification: winemaker’s options from harvest to maturation
  • Rosé wines production techniques

Tasting: Mature white wine

3- Winemaking Process: Red Wines

  • Red wines vinification: winemaker’s options from harvest to maturation

Tasting: Young red wine

4- Wine Laws

  • Quality pyramid
  • Regulations: old world vs. new world
  • Wine label analysis
  • Classification system: focus on Italy and France

Tasting: Mature red wine

5- Sparkling, Sweet and Fortified wines

Sparkling wines

Focus on: Champagne and Prosecco

  • Production methods: Champenoise vs. Martinotti

Sweet wines

  • Production methods
  • Types of sweet wines

Fortified wines

  • Production methods
  • Port vs. Sherry: grapes and winemaking

Tasting: Sparkling wine  

6- “How to”: Wine in our everyday life

  • How to choose a wine
  • How to open a wine
  • How to serve a wine: glasses types and serving temperatures
  • How to store a wine: dos and don’ts
  • How to pair a wine with your food: pairing techniques and perfect matches from the Italian cuisine



No minimum requirements are required for this course. All you need is a device connected to the network such as SMARTPHONE, TABLET or LAPTOP.

Don’t stand still in front of your passions, sign up! Places are limited!