Mandurino Vecchia Primitivo di Manduria Dop

Mandurino Vecchia Primitivo di Manduria Dop

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the maceration on the skins with intense initial pumping over and delestage lasts two weeks, the static quiescence in the final phase is also very long, everything takes place at a controlled temperature. Alcoholic fermentation is activated by selected yeasts. Wine is clarified using substances of vegetable origin (BIOVEGAN)


6 months in barrique Aging potential: a wine that can challenge the time. This wine, of great character and elegance, is a cru because it is obtained from grapes grown only in the Masseria Vecchia vineyard. Here, thanks to the exposure to the sun and thanks to the composition of the soil that have a great impact on the quality of the grapes, the bunches have small berries rich in polyphenolic content and a particularly high sugar concentration.


at visual examination, the wine appears bright, intense, ruby red in colour, with garnet shades. The fruity varietal trait of small red berries and cherry immediately emerges on the nose, clear notes of dried fig and carob that blend with persuasive toasted tones of chocolate and elegant spicy sweet vanilla and spicy white pepper, stand out well the liquorice typical of Primitivo and the sensations of tobacco given by the aging in barrel. Taste-olfactory: soft, warm and enveloping, silky tannins support a remarkable body, the sip is cheered by a vivid freshness, which does not hide the typical flavor of Manduria wines. The vivacity of the sip makes the wine tireless. Great taste-olfactory impact, incredible persistence that resumes the olfactory texture, of great elegance. Mandurino 2019 is an important, rich and aristocratic wine.


at 14°-16° C, in balloon or in wide tulip glass


Perfect to accompany risotto with mushrooms and meat sauce, it is ideal in combination with game, roast meat and seasoned cheese.


Rosso dop Salento


100% Primitivo


16% Vol.