Irpinia Aglianico Doc

Irpinia Aglianico Doc

Cantine di Marzo
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Vinification technique:
The grapes are selected and gently pressed before being fermented using selected yeasts in temperature controlled tanks. The fermentation is at a relatively high temperature and is completed in ten days, our aim is to obtain good colour and to control the generous tannins found in the Aglianico grape variety. The wine is matured in third year oak barrels, the time depends on the characteristics of the vintage. The finished wine is bottled with light filtration and remains in bottle for at least four months before being released to the market.

Sensorial Description

Ruby red. To the nose it is fruity and flowery, with notes of berries and rose petals. In the mouth it leaves a spicy sensation with a note of licorice. Its well balanced acidity leaves a sense of freshness and cleanliness. Dry, warm and full-bodied, with fine tannins.

Food pairings:

Very appropriate with meat and aged cheese. In its region of origin, Irpinia,  it is appreciated with various grilled meats and wild mushrooms as well as local cold cuts.

Serving temperature: 16-18 °C


Our Irpinia Aglianico Doc is produced from grapes from ancient Tufo vineyards, with plants 50 years old! With a very low yield per hectare, we produce about 6000 bottles per year.